Velos Rotors

A More Reliable UAV

Drone helicopters from Velos Rotors are the most reliable UAV option for industrial applications.

Weather Resilient

IP65-certified, variable geometry blades with a full body fuselage withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, snow and high winds

Fully Redundant Design

Twin motors, ESCs, drive belts, pulleys, bearings and four servo swash plates help maintain control and prevent loss of power on the main or tail rotor due to component failure

High-Capacity Payload

12KG payloads can be transported through challenging weather conditions with a demanding mapping mission and 90-minute flight time capacity

Velos Rotors in Action

UAV Medical Delivery in Cyclades of the Aegean Sea

Route performed 45 times over four months in Spring/Summer 2022

Velos Rotors offers one of the most reliable UAV aircraft on the market today. The engineering redundancy and helicopter form factor make it a superior choice for organizations that want to use UAV in harsher weather conditions over longer distances without the complexities of fixed-wing VTOL operations.”

Harry Getliffe

COO, Skylift

Industrial Applications

Velos UAV’s fully redundant drivetrain, payload capacity and industry-leading flight time make it the ideal solution for the following applications.

Geographic Mapping

Velos UAVs equipped with LiDAR sensors can create high-resolution 3D digital terrain models for use in civil engineering and land development projects.

Search and Rescue

Using thermal sensors, Velos UAV are ideal to search vast area for missing persons or victims at night or in challenging terrains. Emergency supplies also can be deployed via Velos UAV if otherwise unreachable.


Using sensors and other equipment, such as spectroscopes and HD cameras, Velos UAV can gather data needed for crop monitoring, soil analysis and other conditions.


Velos UAV can be used for industrial inspections for wind turbines, power lines, pipelines, railway and other field inspections, which can be further enhanced with additional sensor equipment and thermal cameras.

Delivery Services

The custom-designed flat payload area of the Velos V3 can be loaded and unloaded easily to securely deliver up to 12 kg of cargo to remote locations. The reliable airframe and fully redundant design also allow it to be flown safely over populated areas.

Surveillance Patrol

Safely survey or patrol large populated or hazardous condition areas using the Velos V3 equipped with a high resolution or thermal imaging camera. Monitor real-time images from a remote command center and deploy teams as needed.

Aerial Video Photography

Velos V3 can be equipped with high-resolution video cameras, and the 90-minute flight time allows for greater quality and lower production cost of highly desirable aerial video footage.

Why a helicopter versus a quad multicopter ?

More reliable in all weather conditions with less maintenance