Velos Rotors

A More Reliable UAV

Drone helicopters from Velos Rotors are the most reliable UAV option for industrial applications.

Weather Resilient

IP65 certified, variable geometry blades with a full body fuselage withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, snow and high winds

Fully Redundant Design

Twin motors, ESCs, drive belts, pulleys, bearings and four servo swash plates help maintain control and prevent loss of power on main or tail rotor due to component failure

High Capacity Payload

12KG payloads can be transported through challenging weather conditions with a demanding mapping mission and 90-minute flight time capacity

Velos Rotors in Action

UAV Medical Delivery in Cyclades of the Aegean Sea

Route performed 45 times over four months in Spring/Summer 2022

Industrial Applications

Velos UAV’s fully redundant drivetrain, payload capacity and industry-leading flight time  make it the ideal solution for the following applications.

Geographic Mapping

Velos UAV equiped with Lidar sensors is able to create a very high-resolution digital surface 3D model which represents ground surfaces such as rivers, paths, construction sites, electrical networks, forestry, etc. This possibility of drone remote sensing creates huge advantages: The elimination of any danger that crews of a manned aircraft may be subjected to in difficult terrain or remote areas. The reduction of the running costs compared to similar missions with a manned aircraft and also the simplicity of the operation.

Search and Rescue

Velos UAV is a powerful tool in search and rescue missions and specifically under harsh conditions. Using thermal sensors, Velos UAV can quickly discover the location of missing persons or victims at night or in challenging terrains and also provide the people supplies if the location is otherwise unreachable.


Velos UAV gives the ability to agriculture industry to gather all the information needed to be used for applications like Planting, Crop Monitoring, Health Assessment, Soil & Field Analysis etc. This is accomplished by the use of sensors and instruments such as Spectroscopes and High-definition Cameras in conjunction with on board GPS positioning information. Repeated missions and logging of the gathered information will help increase the product outcome and improve the management of the estates.


Velos UAV can be used for wind turbine inspection, power line inspection, complex structure inspection, oil & gas pipeline inspection, train station inspection, railway inspection etc and provide real-time information for further analysis. This capability is accomplished by using a high-definition camera combined with a 50x or more optical zoom lens and with optional thermal cameras and other dedicated instruments the capabilities are endless.

Delivery Services

Velos UAV unlocks the full potential of delivery services, with its custom designed flat payload area that can be easily loaded/unloaded and deliver fast at any hard to reach destinations packages, letters, medicines, first aid kits and other essentials. Furthermore and most important, Velos UAV is able to accomplish safely, missions over populated areas, due to its fully redundant design and the highly reliable air frame.

Surveillance Patrol

Using Velos UAV equipped properly may reduce the time spent collecting accurate data with sharp resolutions and gather millions of data points in one flight. The outcome of the above is that surveying teams do not risk their lives during operation in sites such as mines, transport routes, slopes etc. Furthermore Velos UAV can be used in patrol missions and provide real-time images or videos from large areas, such as shopping malls, supermarkets with large parking lots, coastlines, prisons, military bases etc to a security centre for further analysis.

Aerial Video Photography

Velos UAV’s flexible load capability enables filmmakers to add aerial shots that were not possible before. Velos UAV offers excellent flight characteristics, long flight duration (>60 min) and minimizes the cost of filming, by replacing the very expensive helicopter pilots. Furthermore Velos UAV, as an electric powered helicopter, eliminates any vibration and the dirt on camera’s body and lens which is inevitable if the helicopter is gas powered.

Why a helicopter versus a quad multicopter ?

More reliable in all weather conditions with less maintenance



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