Velos Rotors

Custom Payload Integration

  • Cargo
  • LiDAR
  • ISR
  • Search and Rescue
  • LTE/SatCom

Detailed Training

  • Introduction to UAV – helicopter parts
  • Autopilot and flight modes
  • Ground control station overview
  • Mission planning and simulation
  • Take-off and Landing practice
  • Flight practice
  • Mission scenarios and exercises
  • Maintenance procedures and practice
  • Final exam
  • Certification


Low Maintenance

Velos UAV is an extremely low-maintenance helicopter. The simplicity of the twin electric power train requires replacing only a few ball bearings and two belts every about 250 hours, but that easily can be verified with a simple inspection and can be performed in 15 minutes. Nothing like gas-powered UAVs.

There is a special training session for maintenance procedures, inspection and parts replacement.

UAV Reliability


Extensive Support

We offer extended support providing manuals, 24/7 calls, video calls and online review of flight parameters and data to ensure the flawless operation of our UAVs.

Alarispro Software

Platform for Proactive UAV Management

The benefits of using the AlarisPro comprehensive platform for fleet management are very important:

  • Detailed flight and maintenance logs compliant with FAA Part 135 and BVLOS
    reporting requirements
  • Pilot, UAS, and component reporting and reliability
  • Project management and mapping
  • Issue tracking and reporting
  • Recommended replacement dates
  • Custom reports, metrics, and graphics
  • Spares tracking and inventory control (coming soon)

Please visit the AlarisPro site ( for more details