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GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences Completes Velos V3 OEM Training

GFZ to use Velos V3 UAV helicopter to scan terrain and record vegetation data

The GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences has purchased a Velos V3 UAV helicopter and completed its OEM training. GFZ will use the Velos V3 to carry LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors that will capture terrain and vegetation height information, and validate optical satellite imagery like from the German hyperspectral EnMAP mission.

“The Velos V3 was the only UAV solution we found that could carry the 8.5 kg payload for 30 minutes and have battery life to spare,” said GFZ head of UAV operations, Benjamin Brede. “The Velos training was thorough, and our team now is prepared to put our new Velos V3 into the field and collect more data about vegetation at higher resolution across satellite footprints and in sync with satellite overpasses.”

The Velos V3 UAV helicopter is equipped with a Picatinny rail mount with standard M4 threaded holes, which can accommodate multiple payload options. Combined with the 80-minute flight time, IP65 rating and 12 kg payload capacity, the highly redundant Velos V3 is an ideal choice for many UAV applications.

“Many organizations need to scan large areas of terrain but have special requirements for payload capacity, battery life and ease of use for the operator,” said Velos Rotors Chief Executive Officer Michael Seal. “The GFZ team will be able to deploy the Velos V3 to perform these critical terrain scans at a fraction of the cost of other solutions with much higher quality data collected from their full spectrum camera.”

About Velos Rotors

Velos Rotors ( has been producing high-quality UAV helicopters since 2014 for customers in the US, Europe and Asia. Velos is simple to fly while offering high reliability, flight time and payload capacity. The drone was designed with three main objectives in mind: safety, efficiency and reliability. Velos is the safest UAV in its class and the best tool for demanding and critical projects where reliability and effectiveness are key. Examples include rescue missions, human organ transportation, and the use of expensive and sensitive sensors in demanding survey missions.

About GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

The GFZ is Germany’s national research center for the solid Earth Sciences. Our mission is to deepen the knowledge of the dynamics of the solid Earth, and to develop solutions for grand challenges facing society. These challenges include anticipating the hazards arising from the Earth’s dynamic systems and mitigating the associated risks to society; securing our habitat under the pressure of global change; and supplying energy and mineral resources for a rapidly growing population in a sustainable manner and without harming the environment.


Contact for Velos Rotors:

Michelle Metzger

+1 (214) 682-7559 cell/text

Contact for GFZ:

Benjamin Brede

+49 331 288-27618

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