Velos Rotors

Velos V3 Equipped with RIEGL VQ-840-GL for Underwater Scanning

RIEGL Topographical Scanner on the Velos V3 UAV Helicopter

Our team tested a new payload for the Velos Rotors V3 this week. The RIEGL VQ-840-GL is a fully integrated, compact airborne laser scanner for combined topographic and bathymetric surveying. It collects laser range measurements for high-resolution surveying of underwater topography with a narrow, visible green laser beam emitted from a pulsed laser source. Subject to clarity, at this wavelength the laser beam penetrates water enabling measurement of submerged targets.


LiDAR Scan image with Velos V3 and RIEGL LiDAR camera
Image of underwater scan

Applications for this UAV solution include:

  • Coastline and Shallow Water Mapping
  • Surveying for Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydro-Archaeological-Surveying
  • River Surveying
  • Repeated Survey of Water Reservoir
Scanning underwater surfaces with the Velos V3 equipped with the RIEGL VQ-840-GL
Velos V3 preparing to do an underwater scan with the RIEGL LiDAR camera

We conducted four test flights over two days and flew the same mission every time. The dataset was around 20 GB in size per set.

Additional details about the automatic mission:

  • 100 m altitude above ground level
  • 60 m line separation distance
  • 200.000 sq meters survey area
  • 5 km total length of the mission

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