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Velos Rotors Closes $2 Million Investment from Marathon Venture Capital

[Hollywood, Md.] Velos Rotors, Inc. announces the completion of a $2 million investment by Marathon Venture Capital. The investment will help fund the company’s growing demand for its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helicopter.

The electric Velos V3 UAV helicopter’s redundant, twin-engine design and modular payload configuration make it one of the most reliable and versatile UAVs on the market. The IP65 rating, ability to fly for up to 90 minutes on a single charge, carry payloads weighing up to 26 pounds, and cruise at a speed of 18 to 35 miles per hour make it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications. These include LiDAR inspection, cargo delivery and surveillance missions.

Velos has completed testing and integrations with key industry partners including Skyfleet, YellowScan, MissionGO and SPH Engineering to become the first single-rotor UAV helicopter to use UgCS software for photogrammetry and LiDAR UAV surveying missions. Customer applications include border patrol, search and rescue, surveying and transport of critical cargo including human organs and emergency supplies.

In the context of the round, Velos Founder and Chief Technology Officer Aris Kolokythas, stated: “We crafted from the ground up what we are proving to be the best UAV in the market. Our drone helicopters are pushing aviation forward, and we are excited to put them in the hands of more enterprise customers globally.”

Velos Chief Executive Officer and US Navy veteran Michael Seal added: “We are proud to serve our global customer base with our superior performance, reliability and safety. The investment from Marathon Venture Capital will enable us to bring our product line to market faster and make a meaningful impact on the industries we serve.”

Marathon Venture Capital Partner George Tziralis said: “Multicopters are for hobbyists. The market needs industrial-grade UAVs, and Velos is the first to deliver them. We are thrilled to work together with Aris, Michael and the team to bring meaningful innovation to the market. Plus, if you are into aviation and want to make an impact with your work, Velos is the place to be!”

About Velos Rotors

Velos Rotors, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of sub 55 lbs full-electric UAVs for the most demanding commercial and government applications. Velos Rotors utilizes its twin-engine design to deliver industry-leading redundancy, reduce noise and vibration, and enhance overall performance. Velos Rotors is headquartered in the Eastern US, with manufacturing and R&D operations in Europe. Velos is committed to transforming the UAV industry with groundbreaking solutions worldwide. For more information, visit

About Marathon Venture Capital

Marathon Venture Capital is a seed-stage venture capital fund helping ambitious founders build world-class technology companies. With over $100 million in capital raised, Marathon is the first investor in fast-growing startups such as Augmenta, Causaly, Learnworlds, and Hack The Box. To learn more, visit


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