Velos Rotors




Velos Rotors’ vision is to build the best flying machines on the market in terms of performance, reliability and safety.

Back in 2011, we started designing a revolutionary fully redundant RC helicopter platform. Three years later, our first product came on the market! The VELOS 88O. Velos 880 was the first RC helicopter to incorporate a dual motor gearbox and an innovative rotor system resulting in unprecedented performance and agility.

Two years after the release of the Velos 880 and as the demand for a UAV helicopter platform increased, we decided to expand into the drone industry by introducing to the market the Velos UAV. Based on the proven Velos 880, Velos UAV is one of the most innovative UAV helicopters ever created. Optimized for long flying times while carrying heavy payloads and with the safety of the redundant drive train–control system, Velos UAV from Velos Rotors is a mission-ready UAV – Drone platform. In November 2019 we have introduced VelosV2, with new features and enhanced design. In April 2021 VelosV3 was released with new parts and new firmware that provide new capabilities and features.

Velos Rotors is incorporated in the United States of America and Europe (Greece) with operations globally.

The Velos Rotors Story

Founder and CTO
Aris Kolokythas