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Velos Rotors Completes Integration with BVLOS Proven Skyfleet

Powerful combination of redundant, industrial-grade VelosV3 Helicopter and industry-leading cloud-based ground control system (GCS)

[Leicestershire, UK] Velos Rotors Inc. conducted several successful test flights with its VelosV3 UAV helicopter and Skyfleet, the fully redundant cloud-based ground control station (GCS) system from our strategic partner Skylift.

The VelosV3 helicopter underwent a test flight that was remotely piloted using DTC’s Mesh Ultra™ MiMo IP Mesh radio and a separate satellite link. The helicopter was fitted with NextVision Nighthawk II EO/IR gimbal and used for remote patrolling where it successfully located and tracked a moving target in real time. The flight was conducted from beyond line of sight using the Skyfleet cloud GCS with a safety pilot on hand within line of sight and with direct override control.

Skyfleet is a communications agnostic, encrypted flight control system that instantaneously switches between multiple communications technologies including RF, LTE and Satellite. This enables remote operators to monitor and control the VelosV3 from anywhere in the world.

 “The combination of Skyfleet and the VelosV3 Helicopter creates a powerful fully redundant unmanned system that opens up many real-world applications such as LiDAR, Offshore Oil and Wind and Critical Cargo that require robust redundant systems that will help evolve the use of UAV for the most rugged conditions,” and we are excited to offer this turn key solutions to future customers said Velos Rotors Chief Executive Officer Michael Seal.

“Velos Rotors offers one of the most reliable UAV aircraft on the market today,” said Skylift COO, Harry Getliffe “The engineering redundancy and helicopter form factor make it a superior choice for organizations that want to use UAV in harsher weather conditions over longer distances without the complexities of fixed wing VTOL operations.”

About Velos Rotors

Velos Rotors ( has been producing high quality UAV helicopters since 2014 for customers in the US, Europe and Asia. Velos is simple to fly while offering high reliability, flight time and payload capacity. The drone was designed with three main objectives in mind: safety, efficiency and reliability. Velos is the safest UAV in its class and the best tool for demanding and critical projects where reliability and effectiveness are key. Examples include rescue missions, human organ transportation, and the use of expensive and sensitive sensors in demanding survey missions.

About Skylift

Skylift ( provides solutions for UAVs that solve logistical and time-critical challenges. We offer a range of services including ground control and flight management software (SKYFLEET), aircraft, ground operations, flight operations, and regulatory compliance. Our expert team is here to support you throughout the entire process of operating beyond visual line of sight.


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